Susan Sullins
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Time Frame: 30 minutes

TOPIC: Visual Arts lesson featuring geometric shapes and supporting a Halloween theme.
Creative Expression: Each student will make a witch using
geometric shapes
Artistic Perception: Each student will practice the skills of
cutting and pasting two or more shapes together.
Math: Students will name triangle, rectangle, square and circle and
match to corresponding shape.
RATIONALE: The study of art helps students exercise their cognitive
reasoning and intuition. This lesson specifically develops the students
understanding of symbolic representation. Cutting and pasting are skills
that children will use throughout their lives.
STRATEGY: Guided Discovery and Direct Instruction
VOCABULARY: Definitions for Kindergarten
* Circle - a flat perfectly round shape
* square - a shape with 4 equal sides
* rectangle - a shape with 2 long sides and 2 short sides
* triangle - a shape with 3 straight sides
* hair, arms, body, face, hat, eyes, nose, mouth
INTRODUCTION Teacher introduces pictures of various witches. Students
point out the shapes that make up the figure. Show example and be
more specific about student responses regarding shapes and
corresponding body parts.
Face = Circle, Hat = Triangle, Arms = Rectangles, Body = Triangle

1. Each student is given a triangle to cut out. The student should recognize
it as such. Teacher may prompt as necessary and students may help
each other if necessary.
2. Precut circles for the witch face in two colors are offered. Students
choose one of two colors and name the shape as they choose their
3. Students see how the triangle and circle might fit together to make a
face and hat. Students paste into position. Students may use
markers, crayons or small pieces of paper to make a face including
eyes, nose and mouth on the circle.

4. Two color choices are also offered for hair. The hair is provided in the
form of a small square. Students choose one of two colors and name
the shape as they choose their color. Students brainstorm ideas for
how to use this square for hair. (Cut into narrow strips is one way)
Students make the cuts and paste on place
5. A black triangle is given to students to cut out. This is the body. Again,
students should name the triangle. Students explore how the large
triangle will fit with the face, hair and hat. to make a witch.
Students paste in place.
6. Pre-drawn rectangles are provided. Student is encouraged to name the
rectangle and cut them out. Ask students what they could use these
for in making a witch. (arms is the intended position) Students
determine where to attach the arms and paste in place.
CLOSURE: Once the witch is complete, have each student tell a neighbor
something they like about their neighbor's witch. Students place witches
on bulletin board. Students may use the pointer to point out shapes and
body parts.
Evaluation occurs during the activity as the teacher listens for the
students' ability to name the geometric shapes. The students finished
project will be the tool that the teacher uses to judge creative and
artistic expression. In Creative Expression the teacher will look for "Was
the student able to form the parts into something resembling a witch?" In
Artistic expression teacher will asses the students ability to cut on a line
by visually observing the edges of the triangles and rectangles. The
teacher can also asses cutting skill during the activity. Pasting at this
level is easy to asses - If not properly applied, once dried the pieces fall
apart. Does the students piece stay together? This assessment will lend
itself to a rubric very well.
CLEAN UP: Have students check area surrounding their chair for scraps to throw away. Put lids on past cups and return scissors and markers to proper location.

In white crayon, pre draw large and small triangle and 2 rectangles for each student. Using the ellison letter machine, precut circles for face in two choices of color. Pre cut enough 3" squares of 2 color choices for hair. Scissors, markers or crayons.
This lesson was adapted from one observed in the class of Judy Anderson at Kynoch School, Marysville, CA