Arts Education K-6 Visual Art Lessons
by Dept. of Education student teachers

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Lessons with CA State Standards

  • Learning Birthdays with Chinese Calendar by Fahm Saechao
  • Mindful Murals by Cassy Durham
  • Texture by Kelly Henderson

  • Egyptian Cartouche by Teresa Moser
  • Expressionist Art by John Reynier
  • Van Gogh by Amelia Schonauer
  • Vegetable Print Patterns by Kari Kennedy
  • Warm Sun and Too Cool Moon by Cate Wills
    Lessons Written Prior to the CA Content Standards for the Arts

  • Animals in the Landscape by Sally Vandenbroek

  • Basket Making by Mary Mel Price
  • Bean and Seed Mosaic by Bill Jacobson
  • Bird's Eye View by Gina Knox
  • Bubble Prints by Kristine Theveos
  • Calendar Art by Jason Ovitz
  • Cartoon Creation by Jeannette McDonald
  • Cave Painting by Becky Christ
  • Collage by Mike Edmondson
  • Colors and Color Wheel by Kelly Heenan

  • Colors and Mural Painting by Kelli Pfeffen

  • Color Wheel by Martin Jimenez

  • Design Motifs and Eggs by Molly Burandt
  • Drawing with Black and White by Signe Hancock
  • Endangered Animals by Kathryn Kennedy
  • Island Maracas--art and music by Susan Klippi
  • Fantasy Food Groups Fun Land by Kathryn Sheppard
  • Origami by Kyna Stelling
  • Montage by Carey Roeschlaub
  • Mosaics by Katie Seale
  • Mosaics by Tracy Howell
  • Navaho Rug by Jason Barresi
  • Paper Making by Lisa Kitchen
  • Papier Mache Animal Sculptures by Amy Wyatt
  • Pictograph Stone Carvings by Amber Arena
  • Planet/Constellation Mobile by Vickie Hollar
  • Play Doh Color Wheel by Kelly Mordock
  • Poetry and Me by Marisa Hiltel
  • Pop-Up Book by Dan Stidham
  • Primary Color Mixing by Devin Barker
  • Primary and Secondary Colors by Mini Valadez

  • Rock Speaks: Rock Art by Dave Gardner
  • Sand Painting by Christina Winter

  • Self Portrait by Don McVicker

  • Sequential Still Life by Susannah Kelly
  • Shapes Witch by Susan Sullins
  • Spoon People by Sandra O'Connor
  • Terrific Tessellations by Heidi Butler

  • Tessellations by John Schleh

  • Tissue Painting by Tami Edson
  • When You Grow Up by Kari Bruen

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